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Sportspark track fees – instalment plan now available

Sportspark track fees – instalment plan now available

The Sportspark increased pay & play prices for the athletics track on 3 April 2017. These increases were partly because the Sportspark was losing a significant grant from Norfolk County Council which for many years supported the use of the track by local schools during term times and partly because pay & play prices were due for a review anyway having remained static for the last few years.

Prior to their decision to raise pay & play prices, the Sportspark management approached CoNAC – as their only regular track user group apart from the UEA – with a proposal that they would do away with the existing pay & play entry process during the track sessions currently available to our members. Instead CoNAC would be asked to pay the Sportspark an annual fee of £32,000 for unlimited access by our members during these session times. The Sportspark’s expectation was that CoNAC would then be responsible for recovering this annual cost from our members by whatever means was required. In effect the Sportspark was asking us to take on the role of managing & paying for our members to use the track, thereby reducing the administrative burden at their Reception desk and at the same time balancing their budgets.

The CoNAC executive committee considered this proposal very carefully and attended a series of meetings with the Sportspark’s senior management team to discuss the matter. And whilst always mindful of and focused on cost management and fair charging structures, we concluded that there was no fair – and operationally efficient – way that we could apportion such an annual fee amongst our members because (i) not all CoNAC members are track users, (ii) those that do use the track do so to varying degrees depending on the seasonal calendar, and (iii) as a charity run by volunteers we simply do not have the resources to deal with these kinds of transactions ourselves.

The new pay & play prices, effective from 3 April 2017, are:

  • Member (peak): £3.65
  • Member (off peak): £3.20
  • Non Sportspark members: £5.50

Helpfully, the Sportspark has now introduced an annual track pass as an option for regular users to consider. The price for a full year pass – from 3 April 2017 to 31 March 2018 – is £275 and this gives unlimited use of the track during regular opening times. If an annual pass is purchased part way into the year then the price of the pass is reduced accordingly (eg if purchased with only 10 months of the year remaining then the cost will be 10/12 of £275).

And as a further concession, an instalment plan is now available to spread the total cost of any annual pass across the first three months; 50% at the point of purchase, 25% during month two, 25% during month three. Please contact the Reception desk at the Sportspark for an application form or click here for more details. Instalment plans will not be available after 8 October 2017.

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