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Officials – Track

Track Judging (Click here to view the Track Judging booklet)

What do I do during the Meeting? Either Judging the Finish (including operating the Lap Board and Bell and maintaining Lap Charts) or Umpiring.

How do I Judge the Finish? By writing down the athletes’ numbers as they cross the Finish Line.

How do I get all the Numbers? Only with experience gained by practice and advice from other Officials.

What if I don’t get all the Numbers? Don’t worry, as this is common with inexperienced Officials. Just write down what you can. Don’t Guess and Don’t copy. If the Referee has sufficient judges, one person, or more, will be designated to concentrate on the last 3 or 4 athletes only.

What does the Clerk of the Course do? Ensures that all equipment for the Track events is available and safe and this includes such items as the judges stand, hurdles, lap board and bell, relay batons and flags, wind gauge, etc.

What does the Track Steward do? The Track Steward maintains the seeding sheets, records the result, liaises with the Chief Timekeeper to record the times and liaises with photofinish and Referee on any changes to results.

  What is the Track Referee? The Referee is in charge of all Track events, allocates duties to the Judges/Umpires, decides the result in case of any difference of opinion and deals with any disputes.

What do I need to know as an Umpire? You will need to be aware of all the rules related to Track Running and the action you need to take if you observe an infringement. If in doubt, ask.

What duties does an Umpire undertake? Check that athletes do not stray from their lanes; in 800m and 4x400m relay races, oversee the Break Line; identify Obstruction; report infringements in hurdles races and steeplechase events; officiate at relay take-overs; operate the Wind gauge.

Who decides on the Race Result and Umpires Observations? The Track Referee makes decisions on track races.

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