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Officials – Timekeeping

Timekeeping (Click here to view the Timekeeping booklet)

How do I time an athlete?
You can borrow a stop watch and will be shown how it works.

How are athletes timed?
From the flash (or smoke) from the Starter’s gun to the athletes crossing the finish line.

Which athlete do I time?
You time the finishing position given to you by the Chief Timekeeper, not the lane the athlete is running in.

When do I stop my watch?
When the torso of the athlete you are timing (or front axle of wheelchair) crosses the finishing line.  Watch the athletes closely as they approach the finish line in order to ascertain the location of the finisher you are timing. When the athletes are approximately 6-10m away from the finish line switch your eyes to look across the finish line and stop your timer at the moment you see any part of the torso of the athlete you are timing reach the finish line.

  How will I know when a race is going to start?

  • The Starter (the person wearing a red shirt / cap) will blow a whistle or fire a gun.
  • The Chief Timekeeper checks that everybody is ready and signals back to the Starter.
  • You only watch the Starter (not the athletes!).  When the Starter raises his / her arm, concentrate, wait for the flash (or smoke)  – but not the sound (unless it is a whistle) – and then start your watch.
  • If for any reason your timer has not started, you must let the Chief Timekeeper know immediately as someone else can watch it.
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