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Officials – Photofinish

Photofinish (Click here to view the Photofinish booklet)

What does Photofinish team do?
The photofinish system records a start time, capture an image of the finish, and stores this data labelled as an identified race.  Capturing the finish image can be done manually or automatically, depending on the system used.  From this the precise time of each finishing athlete is determined, and hence the finishing order. These times and places are then made available as the ‘result’ of the race.  On all systems the result can be printed (with or without pictures), or passed electronically to another system for dealing with the results.What are the different jobs within photofinish?

  • Button Operator
  • Capture Machine Operator
  • Read Machine Operator
  • Reader/Checker/Verifier
  • Communicator

What skills do I need?
Photofinish is often thought of as very technical, or just for computer experts.  However, basic operating is really quite simple. It naturally helps if you are at least familiar with a keyboard and looking at a screen, but someone else will have sorted out all the technical bits – that’s why we have chiefs and technicians.

  What is the Chief Photofinish responsible for?

1. Checking that the system is correctly set up and functioning correctly
2. Checking that each camera is correctly on line.
3. Checking that the picture quality is the best that can be obtained.4. Checking that the beams are accurately positioned, without interfering with the picture.
5. The completion of a satisfactory Zero Control Test.
6. Liaison with the start team to ensure starts are checked when they move.
7. Liaison with Chief Timekeeper and Referee over results.
8. Liaison with Seeding over start lists.
9. Liaison with Results over publication.
10. Ensuring that files are prepared and loaded, and maintained during the meeting.
11. Arranging the team duties. Offering the appropriate level of assistance to each member.
12. Ruling on difficult decisions.
13. Monitoring picture quality, comms, timetable issues.
14. Monitoring performance throughout.

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