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Officials – Endurance

Endurance Officiating (Click here to view the Endurance Officials booklet)

What is endurance officiating?
An endurance official’s licence is applicable to officiating at road races and cross country races.

What kinds of races would I officiate at?
You would start off officiating at a club and local races of around 250 runners or less and can progress to large field races over 1000 runners.  If you wish you could progress to working in Race Management as a race organiser for off track races.

What tasks would I do if I was starting out as an endurance official?

  • Assisting with the setting out a start/finish area pre-race
  • Start Line assisting/assembling Athletes
  • Marshalling on the course, at crossing points and road junctions, loops or change overs in relays
  • Assisting with the judging/recording at a race finish or equivalent
  • Stewarding/Marshalling at finish or operating a finishing funnel
  What other tasks do endurance officials perform?

  • Managing course set up and marking / signing (in smaller sized races of 1,000 competitors or less)
  • Managing Post Race/Post Finish Services or equivalent role
  • Start/Finish Area Management / Start Director or equivalent role
  • Lap Recording
  • Finish Recording
  • Finish Funnel Management
  • Manual Timekeeping at Off Track events
  • Timekeeper recording
  • Clerk of the Course duties and responsibilities
  • Course Director
  • Race Refereeing or Assistant to Race Referee
  • Line Judging/judging a finish
  • Operating a finishing funnel
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