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Would You Like to Become a Club Official?

Officials – who needs them?

City of Norwich Athletics Club does, most importantly though, athletes need to relax – happy in the knowledge that the competition is being run under conditions fair to all.

Those who become involved with athletics, other than by competing, are usually coaches or parents whose children have joined the club and invariably parents get asked to help out at meetings by officiating on the track or in the field, such as holding a tape, marking a throw or measuring a jump. Some also become involved on the track in recording the positions of athletes as they cross the finish line or recording their times.

Most of these duties are not difficult once the basics are understood, accuracy and skills will improve with experience. Newcomers are always welcome and you’ll always be placed with someone experienced who are able to assist and advise. Experienced officials are only too willing to give encouragement and advice to newcomers.

There are many roles that an Official can take:

  • Field – Find out more by clicking here
  • Track – Find out more by clicking here
  • Starter-Marksman and Starter’s Assistant – Find out more by clicking here
  • Timekeeper – Find out more by clicking here
  • Photofinish – Find out more by clicking here
  • Endurance – Find out more by clicking here
  • Management
  • Technical team

If you would like to find out more, you can select the links above and view the guides that have been produced or you can contact the Officials Coordinator by emailing here.

2016-2018 Rule book

UKA Rules for Competition have been merged with IAAF Rules and renumbered accordingly.  All specific UKA Domestic Rules are shown in blue and where common rules previously applied across disciplines, these have been merged under one heading: for example you will find all age group rules under Rule 141.

Officials’ pathway

From 1st April 2016 the officials’ Levels are as follows:

Previously From April 2016
Assistant Official
(otherwise referred to as
Level 1)
Assistant Official
2a (“Club”) 1
2b (“County”) 2
2c (“Region”) 3
3 (“National”)



T&F only: equivalence to

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