Friday, 21 July 2017
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Make 2017 a year to remember

Make 2017 a year to remember

It’s well proven that setting goals will help you progress as an athlete. New Year is an ideal time to reflect on the year that’s passed and to start planning for the year to come, whatever your age or abilities.

Your goals should be personal to you – they may be perfermance-related (to improve on a PB or reach a set time or distance), or competition-related (to take part in a league match for the first time, to try a QuadKids competition), or to challenge yourself by trying a new event or going to that training session that always looks fun.

Goals should be specific and measurable and within your control – for example, you can work on your times and performances to try to meet a goal to improve your PB, whereas a goal to simply ‘win’ is dependent on many other factors than your own performance.

Over the next few weeks, talk with your coach about your training and competing goals for 2017 and set your challenges. We’ve just published the T&F fixtures 2017. The list includes league fixtures as well as individual entry events. There will also be a range of open meetings and other fixtures that we’ll publicise as we find out about them.

Make 2017 a year to remember!

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