Sunday, 25 June 2017
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Changing Your First Claim Club

IMPORTANT – If you have previously been (or currently are) a member of another club affiliated to England Athletics, you must gain the approval of England Athletics before you are allowed to represent City of Norwich AC in team events.  It is particularly important that your change of first claim club is registered with EA as promptly as possible.

From 11 January 2017 an online process will replace the current paper-based process for changes of first claim and will be as follows:

(This online process is for changing clubs within England only. If you are transferring to a club elsewhere in the United Kingdom you will need to complete the paper applications from the respective Home Nations Governing bodies. See below.)

  1. Log in to your athlete portal using your own URN (England Athletics Number) and password. If you have forgotten your password, you can use the request function found under the password box.
  2. Once logged in to the athlete portal, click on the “Club Transfer” tab found on the left-hand side of the screen. This will bring up the “First claim club transfer” screen. This will show any existing or previous club transfers.
  3. To start the change of club application, click on the “start new transfer” button.
  4. Enter the name of the new club you are transferring to in the relevant space and enter any comments you wish to send to your club you are wishing to leave. Once both boxes are completed, click the box in the bottom left-hand corner once you have read and agreed with the terms and conditions for the transfer. If exempt from payment (U15’s & those returning after 3 years) you will be taken to the transfer complete screen.
  5. Billing Information. Please complete the marked boxes for the address your payment card is registered to and then click the “review and pay” button.
  6. Review your details are correct on the next screen and check the confirmation box in the bottom left-hand of the screen and then click on the “go to payment” button to proceed to the next screen.
  7. Select your payment method and enter the request card details. Once entered click on the “Pay £10.00 now” button and complete your change of club transfer.

A club transfer complete screen will appear giving details of the next stage of the process and contact details for England Athletics. You will be kept informed on the progress of your application by email.

Change of clubs involving other home countries

If you are carrying out a change of club in one of the other home countries please using the following pages/ forms:

Complete and forward your applications to the respective governing bodies.

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