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CoNAC on form at County Champs

CoNAC on form at County Champs

Nearly 200 CoNAC athletes took part in the Norfolk Track and Field County Championships last weekend, with some fantastic performances throughout all age groups. With so many entries, this was always going to be an epic write up too – here’s just those who took home medals – obviously, there are many more positive stories from the weekend.

Our under 11s took part in a QuadKids competition on the Saturday.  Ethan Rattenbury won the boys competition in style, with a particularly impressive long jump and 600m. For the girls, Caitlin Bell was fourth and Serena Akomah fifth.

Under 13 boys

There were PBs and medals aplenty for our U13 boys. Conrad Winter had a great weekend taking gold in shot, javelin, long jump and high jump, and a silver in the 100m.

Jaiden Dean impressed with gold in the 100m in his first year in the age group. Henry Whall won gold in the 200m.

Toby Nelson took home bronze in the 800m and 1500m, and first year Hal Morritt won silver in high jump and hurdles and bronze in long jump. Oliver Yellop took silver in the javelin.

Under 13 girls

It was a CoNAC 1, 2, 3 in the hurdles for Hannah Pain, Amy Moses and Rose Fairhurst. Hannah’s winning streak continued with gold in high jump, along with silver in the 100m. Amy Moses added silvers in high jump and long jump to her medal haul.

First year U13 Matilda Butterworth took the 100m title in a thrilling final – just 0.1 seconds between the top 5! She also took bronze in 200m. Madison Kelly who favours middle distance showed that she can turn up the speed with silver in the 200m and bronze in the 100m.

New member Memphis Symonds made her mark winning the 800m and 1500m, with Tia-Lily Crane taking the 800m silver and 1500m bronze.

Over in throws there were PBs all round for our medalists. Mary Hill broke the 8m mark in shot to take gold, Poppy Walker had a massive PB for silver in discus and Hannah Pain showed her all round strength with a PB and silver in javelin.

Finally, Moira Doleman took bronze in the javelin, also with a PB, and Erin Waterfield was third in the high jump – a successful weekend as she also made both sprint finals.

U15 boys

Alex Mortimer had a fantastic day winning the 200m and 300m titles convincingly, setting a new 300m championship record! Connor Clark took the silver. A hard fought 100m final saw Barney Hollidge take silver.

It was great to see some U15s in the hurdles, with Jacob Brown winning silver and Daniel Williams the bronze. Jacob also become the pole vault county champ. James Atkin smashed his PB to win silver in the 800m. Danny Adams won gold in the 3000m and silver in the 1500m, with Joshua Knights taking bronze.

Over in throws, Adan Cann and Alfie Rawlings took gold and bronze in the javelin, with Connor Clark winning silver in the shot.

Jack Hamment-Russell won the high jump and took silver in long jump. It was a close fought triple jump contest, with Scott Leeder winning gold, and Daniel Williams with bronze less than 20cm behind.

U15 girls

With so many strong U15 girls, it was always going to be an exciting weekend of competition.

Serena Grace dominated the sprints. She set a new championship record for the 300m at 42.5s. In addition to the 300m title, Serena also won gold in the 100m and 200m, plus silver in triple jump and bronze in discus. Alice Hill took silver in the 100m, Isabelle Moore got bronze, plus the 200m silver.

Eleanor Brown had a great weekend too with a massive long jump of 5.22 to take the title and make English Schools standard, plus gold in triple jump (and a new championship record) and hurdles, silver in shot and bronze in javelin. Alisha Youngs won bronze in long jump. Amy Money won gold in hammer, discus and javelin and bronze in shot. Eden Harrison took silver in the javelin. Zoe Powers took the shot tile and a silver in discus. Heidi Lamb won silver in hammer.

Kirsty Sait-Stewart won gold in high jump and silver in hurdles, Meg Willis with silver in high jump and 300m.

Femke Rosbergen took the 800m title (Kate Willis with silver) as well as a silver in the 1500m (Olivia Miller bronze). Emma Ledward and Holly Bunn won silver and bronze medals respectively in the 3000m.

U17 men

Louis Albrow won both 100m and 200m titles, with Harry Taylor close behind in the 100m to take silver. Joe Smythe took the bronze in the 400m.

Ben Horton won bronze in the 800m, with a CoNAC 1, 2, 3 in the 1500m for Will Mahoney, Jack White and Matt Horton – gold and silver were extremely close! Will also won gold in the 3000m.

James Cunningham won the shot, and a CoNAC trio of Matthew Carter, Daniel Clark and Joe Fuller took the medals in the javelin. Charlie Green took bronze in the high jump and silver in the triple jump, with Alessandro Maruca taking bronze in triple jump.

U17 women

Katie Daniels was in great form winning gold in 80m hurdles, 300m hurdles and javelin, and silver in high jump. Simone Ogoba also impressed winning both the 100m and 200m titles, silver in shot and bronze in high jump.

Meredith Winship won the 300m and 800m titles, with Katie Goldsmith taking bronze in 300m and silver in the 800m with a seasons best time.

Ellie Taylor and Lucy Emmett made it a CoNAC 1, 2 in the 1500m. Ellie also won the 3000m, with Talullah Lebon with silver. Lucy took another silver in the 1500m steeplechase.

U20 men

Ben Matsuka-Williams, Ashley Copper and Luke Vincent took the medals in a CoNAC dominated 100m and 200m. Jordan Smith took the 400m title.

Logan Smith took the mile title, as well as the 5k, with Ben Spratling with silver. There were other wins for Robbie Walden in the long jump, Olly Massingham in discus and shot and Miles Atkinson in triple jump.

U20 women

Georgie Bowett dominated on the track, winning gold in 200m, 400m and 800m. Anna Bakewell won bronze in the 400m. Amy Clarke took silver in the 800m and 1500m, Millie Solway won gold in 1500m and bronze in 800m.

Jasmin Kemp has the discus and shot titles, with silver in javelin behind Jemma Spencer who was so close to her PB. Sophie Bishop won silver in long jump and triple jump.

Senior men

There were gold medals for Fred Williams in the 100m, Joe Silom in the para 100m along with silver in the men’s 200m. Chris Marshall took the 400m and 400m hurdles titles. Ed Borrmann the javelin and pole vault. James Senior took the mile and 5k. Callum Brown the hammer and Declan Manning the discus. James McLachlan won the long jump title with a fabulous 7.27, a new competition record, displacing coach Denis Costello’s from 1982!

Senior women

There were county titles for Holly Durbidge in the 100m, Sara Henderson (200m, high jump and long jump), Isabel Rodriguez (400m and 800m), Katie Clark in the 400m hurdles, Gemma Vickery (hammer and discus), Elspeth Jamieson in the javelin and Iona Lake in the 5k.

Vet men

County titles for Glen Richardson (M35 800m), Bob Leeder (M50 long jump and 100m), Peter Graves (M45 javelin), Clive Poyner (M50 shot and discus) and Paul Woodyatt (M55 800m).

Vet women

Steph Pain (W40) must have the most titles of the weekend – gold in 80m hurdles, 200m, shot, pole vault, long jump, high jump and javelin – and a huge number of PBs within those. Jane Clarke (W55) ran a great mile and 5k for those titles, and Lorraine Brown threw a very strong 25.61 to take the W50 javelin title.

Well done to all those CoNAC athletes who took part – it’s not all about the medals by any means, and there were many personal victories and PBs fought for and won. And if you read to the end of the very long report, you’re probably due a medal too 😉

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