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We have a team of highly committed, experienced and expert coaches at City of Norwich AC. They give their time and enthusiasm to coach regular sessions throughout the year. Across all disciplines, coaching underpins the successful development of our athletes.

Our Coaching Coordinator is Simon Eisenmann – please click here to send him an email or call him on 07597 561543.

Coaches and their lead events

Key: AC = qualified as an Athletics Coach (previously known as level 2) or higher. LiRF = qualified as a Leader in Running Fitness. Coaches holding AC and / or LiRF qualifications are fully insured by England Athletics to coach athletes without further supervision. All others listed here are currently qualified as Assistant Coaches and may only lead sessions under the direct supervision of a coach holding an AC or LiRF qualification (as appropriate).

Academy, summer Saturdays, Sportshall and other U11/U13 groups: Yvonne Newton (AC), Simon Eisenmann, Sophie Poyner (AC), Tanya Harrison (AC), Arthur Blunt (AC), Sally Hart, Victoria Langley, Iain Milroy. Lindsey Stansbury, Julie Edwards, Tracy Watering, Clive Poyner (AC), Keith Yellop (AC), Ros Borham

Hurdles: Keith Yellop (AC), Emma Quantrill (AC)

High Jump: Glyn Long (AC), Denis Costello (AC)

Pole Vault: Mike Brown (AC)

Javelin: Steve Bode (AC), Maria Cann, Harry Newenham (AC)

Heavy Throws: Kevin Manning (AC), Lorraine Brown, Callum Brown, Declan Manning

Endurance – 800m upwards and cross country: Brendon Byrne (AC), Harry Knowles (AC), Teresa Knowles, John Maskell (AC), David Pring (AC), Sue Pring (AC), Peter Gore (AC), Granville Courtnell (AC), Simon Eisemann, James Senior (senior athletes only), Paul Broughton (AC)

Road Running: Nigel Hodge (AC), Jane Clarke (AC), Richard Polley (LiRF), Brendan Wilson (LiRF), John Gostling (LiRF)

Sprints – 100m, 200m: Mike Utting (AC), Nathan Rogers, Liam O’Dell (AC), Dave Willis (senior athletes only) (AC)

Sprints – 400m inc hurdles: Clive Poyner (AC), Emma Quantrill (AC)

Horizontal Jumps: Denis Costello (AC)

Combined events – Denis Costello (AC), Mike Brown (AC)

Wheelchair: Mark Smith

Becoming a Coach – If you would like to become a coach we will help you – the club actively supports and encourages coaches in their development and ideally would like all coaches to attain an Athletics Coach and / or Leadership in Running Fitness qualification.

Our Academy provides an ideal foundation for coaching the many different athletic disciplines and there are always highly experienced coaches willing to help you. You will learn skills that are applicable in lots of areas not just athletics and you never know where it may take you.

So if you want to learn about and play an active part in helping athletes achieve their potential why not give it a go? Please click here for further details.

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